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  • Japanese Fashion streets reports from Tokyo

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Japanese Fashion

Fashion in Japan is known worldwide for setting the trends of cutting edge styles. We bring to you, the best from the Tokyo Fashion and shopping areas, the most up to date style report available. Discover the latest trends from Tokyo with over 800 pictures (fullscreen) covering ladies and men's clothing, bags, shoes and seasonal colors and materials.

Tokyo Fashion trends

Hot spots like Shibuya and Harajuku are famous for their lively Japanese street fashion culture. Not only is it a snapshot of how the stylish are driving the Japanese Fashion industry but its the place to spot outgoing and new style, such as the Harajuku girls who are well known for their colorful, layered and cutting-edge look. our trendspotters get you the best shots of girls, guys, women and men clothing, bags, shoes and accessories right from the streets, shops and stores every month.

Japanese Fashion Reports

Japan Fashion is changing very fast, so keep up with the times and follow the latest trends in Japanese fashion with our monthly season report. See it live, become the expert and remember: Open your eyes and imagine the future.